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Monga Chingshui Temple

Monga Chingshui Temple, also known as Monga Tzushih Temple, is dedicated to the god Qingshui Zushih and is classified as a Third Grade Historical Monument.


Bo-Pi Liao

The place “Bo-Pi Liao” began to be called as such during the post-war period. There are two stories for the origin of this place’s name. According to “Taipei City History”, “there was a North Bo-Pi Liao St., also named Bo-Pi Liao in Monga.



This area is located in the Northeastern part of Taipei’s Wanhwa District and has become the most important and international shopping area in Western Taipei. The market mainly attracts young hip clientele and the international tourists traveling independently. This area has many special features, such as the first pedestrian street in Taipei, Youth Culture, and the Cinema Zone, which has witnessed the history of Taiwan’s film industry.


Monga Longshan Temple

Monga Longshan Temple, also known as Wanhwa Longshan Temple or Longshan Temple, is located in Wanhwa District (originally called Monga), Taipei, Taiwan, and this famous tourist attraction is classified as a Second Grade Historical Monument.


CKS Memorial Hall

CKS Memorial Hall is located at No. 21 Chungshan South Rd. Taipei, Taiwan. The whole park is classified as a National Historical Monument (except for the surrounding walls); it is also considered the biggest building among those in memory of Chiang Kai-shek and has been one of the most famous landmarks in Taipei since its completion.


Taipei Botanical Garden

Taipei Botanical Garden, located on Nanhai Rd. in Taipei, Taiwan was established in 1921 during the Japanese-governed period by the Regenerative Products Bureau, Governor–General of Taiwan.


228 Memorial Park

228 Memorial Park, originally named Taipei New Park, is situated in Chungcheng District, Taipei. North of Hsiangyang Rd., south of Ketagalan Blvd., west of Huining St. and east of Gongyuan Rd., the park covers an area of 71,520 square meters and is/ adjacent to such important buildings as The President’s Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NTU Hospital and Taiwan Guest House.


Dihua Street

Dihua St. was first established in the 1850s. Since the 19th century, it has always been an important wholesale market for North-South goods, tea, Chinese medicinal ingredients and cloth.



Located in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan, Wufenpu used to be the living area for Pingpu Tribes Malysyakkaw during the Ching-governed period. In 1769, the families of Zhou, Ho, Shen, Tu, and Li from Anxi County, Chuanzhou, Fujian, bought the land from the Pingpu tribes and developed it, which gave “Wufen”, which means five parties, its name.


Hwaxi Street Night Market (Snake Alley)

Situated near Longshan Temple in Wanhwa District, Taipei and separated into two sections by Guilin Rd., Hwaxi Street Night Market is the oldest tourist night market in Taiwan; it mainly sells mountain products, seafood, and game. Amongst all the restaurants, the snake restaurants are most appealing and have become a favorite tourist attraction.


Xinyi Commercial Center

Located in the urban renewal area in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan, Xinyi Commercial Center has been considered the prime CBD in Taipei since the 1980s. Many important facilities, such as Taipei’s 101 Tower, Taipei’s City Government and Taipei’s World Trade Center, as well as crowded department stores, hotels, luxury mansions and headquarters, reside in this area.


Taipei East End

Taipei’s East End is referred to as the new eastern urban area of Taipei City, known simply as the East End. The entire area of the East End covers east to Fuhsing South Rd. and west to Neihu and Nangang.


 Address: No.72, Emei Street, Wanhwa District, Taipei


From National Highway No. 1
→ exit onto Chongqing North Rd. toward Sough → Turn right onto Minsheng West Rd. → Turn left onto Huanhe Expressway → Turn left onto Kangding Rd. → Turn left onto Emei St. and continue to the hotel
From Chunghsiao West Rd.
→ Turn left onto Huanhe South Rd. Sec. → Turn left onto Kangding Rd. → Turn left onto Emei St. and continue to the hotel
From Civic Blvd.
→ U-turn onto Chengzhou Rd. → Turn left onto Huanhe South Rd. Sec. → Turn left onto Kangding Rd. → Turn left onto Emei St. and continue to the hotel
From Chungshan South Rd.
→ Turn right onto Ketagalan Blvd. → Turn right onto Huaining St. → Turn left onto Hengyang Rd. → Chengdu Rd. → Turn right onto Kangding Rd. → Turn right onto Emei St. and continue to the hotel


Take about 6-minute walk from Exit 6 of the MRT Ximen (Blue Line) Station.
Take Bus No 232 Green (sub-line), 221 and 257 Stops to Ximen Elementary School Stop, and 2 minute-walk distance from bus stop.